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27 March 2011 @ 04:46 pm
Welcome to projectpaprika!

I'm Ai, otherwise known as nachosnpaprika!
This is a community for my fandom and fansubs ♥
I'm a solo subber, and I will be completely honest that my subbing activities have been on hiatus for years.
All subbed content are locked. To access them, please join the community. You can also check out the Projects Masterpost to see if we have what you want.
If you are here for my beloved Arashi spreadsheets (because I don't have a life), come hang out with me here (no membership needed!)

Membership is: OPEN / MODERATED / CLOSED

Please follow some basic rules:
1. DO NOT sell the subs/ claim as your own
2. DO NOT redistribute or repost anything! (E.g.: links or files, summaries)
4. DO NOT UPLOAD TO STREAMING SITES! (e.g YouTube, Dailymotion, torrent, DramaCrazy, mysoju etc)

How to join:
1. Read the rules for this community above.
2. Leave a comment in this post containing
    -  A promise to follow the rules (just a short one will do, but no empty promises!); and,
    -  Tell us your favourite Arashi member, and why!
3. Click 'Join This Community' above! (If you don't, I can't let you in at all! ;_; )

Every comment will be read and membership requests will be processed within 2 weeks.
If you were rejected, please ensure that you have followed the rules above. No one will be rejected without good reason, so please do not PM unless you are absolutely sure.
Otherwise, feel free to PM me!

FAQ: Community details and releasesCollapse )

And that should be all! Enjoy your time here, and thank you all for your support ^^

With love,
01 January 2017 @ 02:59 am
It's the holidays and this is what happens when I've got some free time on my hands. Some surface findings I got from this spreadsheet:

Concert coverage from How's It Going? Summer Concert 2003 (2003) to ARASHI LIVE TOUR 2015 Japonism (2016)
Discography coverage from 1999 (debut) to 27 Dec 2015 (Japonism DVD filming date).
Album coverage from Arashi No.1 Ichigou: Arashi wa Arashi o Yobu! (2001) to Japonism (2015).
Single coverage from A.RA.SHI (1999) to Ai wo Sakebe (2015)

[  ] denotes the number of times a song has been performed
*Just like in the spreadsheet, for songs that are released multiple times, the inclusion priority is Album > Compilation > Single (for easy categorization), and by earliest release date.

The Analysis No One Asked ForCollapse )

So... is your favourite Arashi song a concert favourite too? :D If you guys have any interesting insights do let me know in the comments too!
01 January 2017 @ 02:02 am
Happy new year~!

It's been a while since we had any new releases here at PP, tl;dr: I graduated and got a real job and way less time in return ): but I thought I would share something to end 2016/start 2017!

Some of you may remember the VS Arashi Episode Guide which I have been obsessing over for a little more than... 2 years now? LOL. I haven't had as much time as I would like to work on it, but yes, I do still watch VSA religiously every week to update it XD
Anyhoo, this year, I want to also share what I call:

  • What is this? Basically, this is a spreadsheet where I compare Arashi's entire discography to the set lists of all of their concerts.

  • What is it for? Actual purpose? None. On the other hand, if you've ever wondered if A.RA.SHI really is the most-sung song at Arashi concerts, or how many songs Arashi has really sung out of their entire discography, welcome to the club!

  • How do I use this? The User Guide tab in the spreadsheet has all the info you need to know on data compilation, coverage, and navigating the sheet.

  • Can I download this? Yes (on Google Sheets, File > Download as > ). I realized that Filters will not be usable since I have to lock the spreadsheet in View mode, so I made it downloadable if you want to play around with it. That being said, please do not plagiarize or republish this as your own. Even though this is not media or fansub, I spent plenty of time triple-checking sources and watching all of the concerts to build this spreadsheet.

Also, come geek out with me at my follow-up discussion post!

*This post will remain public because it does not contain media.
09 March 2014 @ 04:50 am
Hello hello! :)

Not a subbed video today - I wasn't all that sure where I should share this because I figured that not a lot of people would be this into statistics as I am. In RL, I'm a researcher and am obsessed with 2 things: organization and statistics. LOL. Anyway, I can't really see how this would be useful to anyone else, but I'm sharing this just because it is fandom-related ^^;;

Just a few notes about it:

  • This is NOT a Subbed Episodes Guide. There are no links to communities' posts containing subs here, just information about the episodes themselves. I will not be expanding this guide to include information about subs either, mainly because I am no longer keeping track of them.

  • This guide CONTAINS SPOILERS. I have included details about the outcomes of each episode such as the winning team, MDA, list of games played. Definitely not for the spoiler-sensitive person!

  • This guide will be updated after a new episode is aired. Whenever a new episode is aired, it will enter the list!

  • This guide is still a Work In Progress. More data and statistics will be constantly added, so do check back once in a while!

  • This guide is open to improvements! Can you think of a category of episode detail which would make this episode information guide more in-depth? Better organization? Is there a better platform to host this list? Drop me a PM or a comment! I wouldn't claim that this is 100% accurate either, so don't hesitate to inform me too if there are errors.

  • Please do not plagiarize! Even though this is not media or fansub, it still took me plenty of time to watch all of these episodes to build this spreadsheet. I am happy for you to download your own copy through Google Sheets for personal use, and you may link/credit back to this page, but please do not republish this elsewhere.

What do you guys think of it? Would love to hear any comments/suggestions! ^^

*This post will remain public because it does not contain media.
27 March 2020 @ 09:21 pm
Putting the 'Project' in Project Paprika... the projects masterpost!

Completed Projects + TranslationsCollapse )

Ongoing Projects:

Kouhaku 2011 (2011.12.31) Part 2 (Indefinite hiatus)
Kouhaku 2011 (2011.12.31) Arashi Cut (Indefinite hiatus)