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27 March 2011 @ 04:46 pm
Welcome to projectpaprika!

I'm Ai, otherwise known as nachosnpaprika!
This is a community for my fandom and fansubs ♥
I'm a solo subber, so releases can be slow, and my Japanese is of course, not perfect, but I do my best :)

All posts here are locked! To see them, please join the community.
As of now,
Membership is: OPEN / MODERATED / CLOSED

Please follow some basic rules:
1. DO NOT sell the subs/ claim as your own
2. DO NOT redistribute or repost anything! (E.g.: links or files, summaries)
4. DO NOT UPLOAD TO STREAMING SITES! (e.g YouTube, Dailymotion, Veoh, DramaCrazy, mysoju etc)

How to join:
1. Read the rules for this community above.
2. Leave a comment in this post containing
    -  A promise to follow the rules (just a short one will do, but no empty promises!); and,
    -  Tell us your favourite Arashi member, and why!
3. Click 'Join This Community' above! (If you don't, I can't let you in at all! ;_; )

Every comment will be read and membership requests will be processed within 48 hours.
If you were rejected, please ensure that you have followed the rules above. No one will be rejected without good reason, so please do not PM unless you are absolutely sure.

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And that should be all! Enjoy your time here, and thank you all for your support ^^

With love,
09 March 2014 @ 04:50 am
Hello hello! :)

Not a subbed video today - I wasn't all that sure where I should share this because I figured that not a lot of people would be this into statistics as I am. In RL, I'm a researcher and am obsessed with 2 things: organization and statistics. LOL. Anyway, I can't really see how this would be useful to anyone else, but I'm sharing this just because it is fandom-related ^^;;

Just a few notes about it:

  • This is NOT a Subbed Episodes Guide. There are no links to communities' posts containing subs here, just information about the episodes themselves. I will not be expanding this guide to include information about subs either, mainly because I am no longer keeping track of them.

  • This guide CONTAINS SPOILERS. I have included details about the outcomes of each episode such as the winning team, MDA, list of games played. Definitely not for the spoiler-sensitive person!

  • This guide will be updated after a new episode is aired. Whenever a new episode is aired, it will enter the list!

  • This guide is still a Work In Progress. More data and statistics will be constantly added, so do check back once in a while!

  • This guide is open to improvements! Can you think of a category of episode detail which would make this episode information guide more in-depth? Better organization? Is there a better platform to host this list? Drop me a PM or a comment! I wouldn't claim that this is 100% accurate either, so don't hesitate to inform me too if there are errors.

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What do you guys think of it? Would love to hear any comments/suggestions! ^^

*This post will remain public because it does not contain media.
27 March 2020 @ 09:21 pm
Putting the 'Project' in Project Paprika... the projects masterpost!

Completed Projects + TranslationsCollapse )

Ongoing Projects:

Hey!Hey!Hey! (2014.01.13) Talk + Medley (Translating)
VS Arashi 189 (2012.08.23) Junior High School Tournament (Translating)
Kouhaku 2011 (2011.12.31) Part 2 (Translating)
Kouhaku 2011 (2011.12.31) Arashi Cut (Translating)